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“Out of sight, behind the back of each one of us there is a busy organism which works furiously day and night. It is the spine. We cannot see it, it remains out of mind as we bend, twist, contort and stretch. We only remember it when it aches”.
John Wernham

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Why choose Classical Osteopathy ...

Classical Osteopathy has a history of over 100 years of practice and research. It aims to re-balance the whole body. It is based on the principle that the body will heal itself when hindrances to health are removed.

“It is necessary to know the nature of the spine, what it’s natural purposes are, for such a knowledge will be requisite for many diseases”.
Hippocrates 400 BC

Classical Osteopathy looks at the whole person and aims to treat the cause of the discomfort not only the symptom. This treatment is known as the Body Adjustment and can be adapted to all ages.

The body adjustment and why it is good for You …

The treatment has a routine which can be effective in restoring the body’s natural rhythm, so often lacking in a patient.

The limb movements are gentle yet powerful and bring into play every muscular connection with the spine and the pelvis; the effect is widely regarded as smooth and relaxing.

In a great many cases the general body adjustment will be enough for nature to make the recovery without any local or specific work whatsoever.

But perhaps the most important aspect in support of this traditional technique is to be found in the long-term effects which work towards a stable and stress resistant outcome.

How we might help your back pain...

“Posture is very important to health”

Good posture is dependent upon the spine and pelvis alignment, therefore disturbance in this area can lead to pain and discomfort anywhere in the body and may also contribute to other health problems.

Nerves are central with the spine and connect all parts of the body. “Twists” in either the spine or the pelvis can impinge on the nerves as they exit the spine.

By working on the spine and pelvis aiming to restore good posture, we can encourage the body back to good health.

Classical Osteopathy and the benefits for mums to be ...

During the time that the child is carried within the womb, the foetus must have room to move and this is only possible if the bones that form the pelvic girdle are free to move. If this is not the case the mother might experience such problems as back pain, pelvic discomfort, swollen ankles, morning sickness and other pregnancy related conditions.

Classical Osteopathy using the Body Adjustment treatment could alleviate many of these problems.

What to expect on your first visit to the John Wernham Osteopathic Clinic …

The initial consultation generally lasts for one hour and Subsequent treatments, if required, last for about 30 minutes (patients should be aware that they are required to undress as far as their underwear).

A case history will be taken. Detailing your ailment(s) will be recorded including your medical history.

An osteopathic examination involving a few gentle movements will be carried out in order to form an overall diagnosis. The Osteopath will discuss the findings with you and this will be followed by treatment.

“The Well Being and Comfort of the Patient are Paramount”

Latest Reviews

back pain

I recently went to the Wernham Clinic with terrible back pain. After just one session it was considerably better and 3 more shorter sessions have completely sorted out the problem. The treatment is given with gentle but effective movement. Additional advice on exercise and simple lifestyle changes have been very helpful to improve my general well-being.

This is a first class clinic, where everyone is very pleasant and very helpful.

November 2016
I found myself at The John Wernham Clinic sobbing from pain in my leg caused by a problem with my back.  I had three treatments in a week and saw improvement, at least I had stopped crying. I continued weekly treatments and eventually was able to weight bear.  I saw many other improvements, getting up and down, in and out of the car, an overall increase in confidence. The treatment was always gentle and thorough, including myself in every move to make sure I was comfortable.  The ‘care’ I received was faultless, I did not expect to experience the ‘caring’ and I thank them. (reproduced from handwritten testimonial)

August 2016
I have been coming to the clinic for a number of years and have found the treatments to be of great help. The staff are all so helpful. I have no hesitating recommending the clinic to anyone. Special thanks to Gary, who I see regularly. (reproduced from handwritten testimonial)

The John Wernham Osteopathic Clinic

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